Why Warm Lemon Water and Olive Oil Detox in the Morning

Posted on June 27, 2013


I love waking up in the mornings and putting a pot of filtered water on to make my routine cup of warm lemon water and olive oil.  It is a refreshing way to start each morning.  It aides in helping the digestive system "wake up and  sing”.

There a few reasons why this detox is so important.  One important reason is its effect on the second most important organ of the body, the liver.  The liver performs hundreds of functions each and every day.  Here are a small few of those for your understanding:

1. It stores and regulates the blood and is responsible for nourishing every cell in the body.

2.  It is responsible for the formation and the secretion of bile to cleanse the blood and for digestion.

3.  It is responsible for metabolism.  That is getting all the nutrients to their rightful place.

4.  It is responsible for the protection from and the detoxification of foreign bodies within the body.

5.  It is responsible for the production of urea, serum albumin, and blood clotting proteins.

6.  It regulates hormones.

These are only a few of the jobs the liver is responsible for in the body.  In a diseased condition, the liver's blood storage and regular functions are affected. Without a clean liver and kidney the blood becomes dirty with toxins and waste.  This makes the blood sluggish and causes poor circulation.  Poor circulation decreases the capacity to carry oxygen and nutrients.  This can cause joint stiffness, spasmodic muscles, and below average organ function.  This can lead to stroke, poor eyesight, dizziness, headaches, deafness, and  heart attacks, etc. In the 1988 issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, a malfunction of the liver and kidneys was mentioned as one of the causes leading to Alzheimer Disease and brain tumors.  So I think you can see the vital importance of a proper functioning liver.

A warm lemon water detox in the morning can aide in cleansing  the liver and the digestive tract.  The lemon acts as a gentle diuretic that increases the urination in the body, thus releasing toxins at a faster rate.  The warm water stimulates the GI tract and peristalsis  to work.  Lemons and limes are high in vitamins and minerals that help loosen the toxins from the digestive tract.

Olive oil is used along with the warm lemon water as a partner in the cleansing.  It is high in mono-saturated fats (the good fat).  These good fats can aide in weight loss and healthier digestion and are "heart healthy", according to the FDA.  Olive oil can aide in keeping the insulin levels in the body decreased as well.  This allows cells to release more fat which, in turn, can be eliminated.  For this reason, olive oil along with a good healthy diet can aide in weight loss as well.  However, all olive oils are not created equally.  When purchasing olive oil you want to get extra virgin unrefined versions. 

As you sleep your body is in a restore and restoration process.  This is why the warm lemon water and olive oil can be so beneficial upon rising.  It aides in the eliminations of all the detoxification that takes place at sleep.  Not to mention it is so refreshing and eye opening because of all the vitamins and mineral in the lemon.

If you are interested in knowing whether detoxing is good for you and how to do a liver detox, contact me through my website @ http://www.abundanthealth.co  or my email @ abundanthealthhc@yahoo.com.


Submitted by Sandra Phillips (not verified) on

I love this!

Submitted by Jennifer Byrd on

Thanks Sandra. I hope that it helped you.

Submitted by Flore Mathison (not verified) on

Hi Jennifer,

I went and deeply looked into your website. I really love what I see. I would love to use this program. However, between me and my husband I feel he can really use this the most, but the problem is he may not want me to spend this kind of money at this time.

I felt so fascinated by what I read so far. I love this kind of science where natural health and spiritual are integrated. This truly is my calling. God knows this is it! I went also to the Institute website. Seems great, again money is the issue for a retired woman of my age with limited income.

When I get started, I will want to begin with my own heath first. I'm doing pretty good for my age. I'm grateful to God for this. Yet, i could still use some help finding the cause of some other health problems, such as my constipation and running to the bathroom many times at night. This truly bothers me, because it's not normal.

Anyway, I have to wait and work on my husband first about investing in my own health even if he is unwilling to do so for himself.

Jennifer, I'm curious about your liver detox. And I wonder if it's different from the one I did before with my husband. Is there more information about how to do the liver detox in your website?
God Bless!


Submitted by Jennifer Byrd on

Thanks for your interest Flore. I have not spelled out specifics with a liver detox, though I do recommend one every 3-6 months. Sometimes we don't realize that we spend as much money as we do a lot of the times trying to treat symptoms. Getting to the root of illness can have us taking care of it rather than many symptoms that sometime mount up. You are a delightful person to talk to.

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